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Coture Conversations New Season!

Coture Conversations New Season!
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Friday, December 11, 2020

The Blueprint Media Company LLC - Demetria "MzMetchi" Brown

 Demetria "MzMetchi" Brown, media personality, content creator, event specialist, and professional brand ambassador who partners with small businesses and local music artists to help better market and promote their brands. After spending over a decade in operational management, she decided to take a leap into entrepreneurship and helping others.   

During her time in radio, she founded

The Blueprint Media Company LLC. where she offers marketing and promotion through media, consulting, and event management. She also hosts her live podcasts #TheBlueprintLive, #CorporateChronicles, and MzMetchi: #OneonOne where she spotlights entrepreneurs, artists and shares valuable information with the community.

MzMetchi is also the founder of the Chicago Media Conglomerate where she has brought together various media entities to change the outlook of competition between like-minded businesses in the media industry. This group assists one another with gaining national to international exposure for their respective brands. 

During the COVID-19 era, she founded her sunglasses collection Lavish Looks by MzMetchi where she offers lavish eye apparel for the modern woman. 

Her ultimate goal in her personal and professional life is to bring everyone together, work collectively, and help to showcase those that are deserving of increased exposure for their respective brands.

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