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Coture Conversations New Season!
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Tuesday, December 8, 2020


 Toronto, ON Author, Kam (Kambiz) Salami looked deep into his soul to access the person he is truly meant to be with learned powers laid out in “The Sleeping Giant.” The Sleeping Giant” is a book about reaching and understanding the un-tapped wisdom in the depth of our souls through meditation, cosmic understanding, and science. “The Sleeping Giant” will help you access the strengths of who you really are, allowing you to capture the stillness inside that calls, sometimes loudly. Salami shares experience and research that gives his readers the tools to access and connect with these inner thoughts, but manifesting your destiny comes from a place only you can go.  “The Sleeping Giant” tells that story. This profoundly personal journey will allow your inner revelation to be seen, heard, and utilized.     

Kam Salami was Born in war-torn Tehran, Iran before he and his family fled to Sweden, then Germany & eventually at the age of fourteen immigrating to Toronto. Always wanting to help and serve, the author joined the Canadian Armed Forces and then the Police force, serving in various roles of criminal investigations. In 2015, following various traumatic incidents and life-threatening close calls, the author began battling severe depression and anxiety. After seeking assistance from the North American medical community, Salami was given the opportunity to travel and live in a temple in the mountains of Northern China, the first North American to be allowed to enter the temple. The deeply personal discoveries and lessons he shares in “The Sleeping Giant” allowed Salami to come out the other side of his challenges and allowed for the opening of personal channels yet to come. We all have this ability; we just have to learn how to access it. 


It’s your time to be here and be heard.  Capture the magic, your magic. 

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INSTAGRAM: @kammylife 

FACEBOOK: kammylife1

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