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Coture Conversations New Season!

Coture Conversations New Season!
New Season Has Arrived!

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Sunday, November 1, 2020

V!be Legacy: Johnny Mac Jr from Asbury, Park New Jersey!  At the age of 13 he started making music with his buddy for fun but boy oh boy was he terrible. Then as he matured over the years he started to use music as a way to vent and help him out with stress. He grew up always listening to hip-hop, and rap. He also loves jazz music and specific old school hip hop artists such as Eric b and Rakim, Mobb Deep, and many other talented artists in those genres. 

Now, re all know kids can be harsh so when he started rapping in High School a lot of his peers would make fun of him and comment on his material telling him he "sucks." But, one day he just learned at the end of the day none of that matters if something makes you happy and you enjoy it; do you. 

When he was in his young 20's he dreamed of becoming famous and all that cool stuff but now he just does it for a hobby and of course because he enjoys making music.

When he originally started making music it was as a joke and he and his buddy would add in funny freestyles. But then around 2010 he linked up with a few kids on Facebook and he realized his style was something Legends are made out of dope!

He taught himself how to record. The passion he feels fuels him with enthusiasm about the whole process: from listening to beats and just vibin' to tell a story. He loves every moment.

He now considers himself to be more of a lyricist. He tries to tell his stories in his songs and get them to connect with the audience. “We are all human so I know people go through some stuff” he shares and that’s something he believes that his listeners will connect with him on. 

His most current album released is called “Next Up” feat JF3RG. It’s on all major online stores just search JohnnyMac JR. He shares that nothing really inspired him and Jf3RG to create it they just continued to mix and create new ideas by doing features and all of them were hits so they said let’s make it an album and of course every song was a banger !!!!

 The success he received motivated him to write more music and with that journey came back to back collaborations with fire Artists such as:  

Sammy Adams 

JFerg Astylez 



Capone Ace Montana  

Ice Kane 

Soulja Boy 


Riff raff 

He and his crew had a whole movement they would do a shit ton of features with each other and they had some heavy hitters at the time such as LiL B, Riff Raff, and Soulja Boy on their movement. He flew out to Cali to meet up with all of them and they created music and shot a few music videos. So, after that whole era, they felt confident, and they were surprised that people were rocking so from there he started to take music more seriously. He wanted to explore the Music scene more so he kinda went down his own path trying to find his flow. He started telling stories of different aspects of relationships and just the shit people can connect to and his fans and followers grew seemingly overnight. 


So far he has performed 4 times, did a few videos on YouTube, and as he stated previously he sees this as a hobby. He does this music for the fun. So, what's considered fun? The first time he ever performed! It was at Asburt Lanes in Asbury Park, New Jersey. There were about 725 people and the place was packed!  He performed his song: Follow Your Dreams and the feeling he describes is just amazing!

IF you are an Artist admiration for another Artists' work can be inspiring. Now, his all-time #1 person he would love to work with is Mac Miller (RIP). Why? because his vibe was just so perfect, very chill and he knew how to share a great story. But if he could work with an Artist as of right now it is Travis Scott, just because his energy is so LIT! 

 We want to stay in the mix with everything going on, he is currently working on his next singles and doing features. He will continue to drop music every so often and naturally, he plans on dropping another album. There is no set date yet but maybe in the next 3 months. So! Be on the lookout!

For More Dope Music Go To

Google - JohnnyMac JR

Instagram -  @JohnnyMacJR

Twitter - @JohnnyMac_JR

YouTube - JohnnyMac JR


iTunes - JohnnyMac JR

Spotify - JohnnyMac JR

+ all other streaming service 


Best Advice Given

Keep pushing and never give up on your dream. If you put what you want out into the universe you will receive

Favorite Songs He Wrote: 
Follow your dreams or Divine

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