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Coture Conversations New Season!
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Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Hood Brat: Hood Baby

This shit right here nigga, this Hood Brat Hood Baby album is hard. Period. Right now femcees are the wave in the industry and some of them have more to talk about than just a WAP. No shade to Cardi or Meg but there are some women out here shooting verbal darts.

Of course, coming from Miami her influences would be thorough as she notes Jacki O one of her influences also, Lil Kim. She takes you through the process and her upbringing driving her to deliver two previous albums before this one in her short documentary.

With a crazy cadence in flow, she handles this tape mostly alone but brought in Miami Vet Brisco and Vicky Vee for the only two cameos on the record. 

She's also one of the newest additions to the Love and Hip Hop Maimi VH1 show. The dope thing about this record is that it caught our attention without even knowing she was on the show because we tend to not watch that trash. Her music speaks for itself as the show will only need to be a stepping stone for her. She's not gonna need that for long at all. We see longevity in her future. She went so hard on "Hood Diary" that most male artists couldn't stand in the paint with her.

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