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Coture Conversations New Season!

Coture Conversations New Season!
New Season Has Arrived!

BDE Music Network

Monday, July 25, 2016


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Over 100 artists have submitted to perform at the 1st annual Cloud Countdown Music Series, which will take place October 28, 2016 at the biggest live venue in Cocoa at Cocoa Stadium.
The mission of the event is to bring Brevard County a unique music festival with diverse music performed by artists from all over the state of Florida. Enjoy entertainment from emerging musical acts that will bring a memorable experience to the stage.

For one day, attendees will be able socialize, eat, drink, have the opportunity to meet special guests and watch musical acts on screen from the audience seats. This music series is an opportunity to enjoy an amazing weekend filled with outstanding talent and discover new music from multiple genres.

Along with entertainment, there will be an exclusive VIP with access to the front stage area, entrance to after-party and other perks. Record labels, music executives, and media outlets will be participating to conduct interviews, offer label signings, or other musical opportunities at their discretion. We are having a fundraiser with, which was created for the purpose of educating and serving disadvantaged children globally. The focus will be on education. will provide financial assistance, food, clothing, educational tools as well as educational programs to ensure that children have access to resources to build and sustain their future.
Lineup to be announced. 

Apex Coture magazine will be there! Also we have $15 Sponsor slots for the back of our next cover with QR code and will be included here in the publication with clickable links to your desired online location be it Social media or a website. This will be distributed at this event. Email for more info and invoicing..

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