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Wednesday, March 11, 2015


I was hungry for some quality music while being bombarded with nothing but mixtapes of rappers sounding like the Migos and in my frustration I reached out to my longtime friend and rhyme partner D-Rugg (@mohawkdon) ( and he directed me to one of our own Orlando artists @DeeBoiYFF and his new mixtape "10 Toes Down" of which he gave it his expert rating of "5 Reefa Bags" basically like 5 mics in the Source Mag. Off rip this album hit home for me with mentions of Carver Shores the neighborhood I grew up in and the loss of our brother Herman "Lil Man" Bryant that was devastating blow to our hood and the city of Orlando.

Not only because of him being hometeam was it refreshing, but that fact along with the concepts over the original and very impressive production also HE'S NOT RAPPING LIKE THE MIGOS! He has an original formula that can infuse that type of flow being current but uncanny in his wordplay and witty delivery. I'm proud to say this guy is from my city and honored to do a review on it as it's some of the best Hip Hop out right now and needs to be Saluted.

For me, there are no tracks to skip from "No Rap" to "Salute". In fact a few of my favs are "No Love", "Can't Tell me Shit", "Paranoid", "Scars", "Sweet Water" and "Neva fold". Bottom line if you lookin for some quality Hip Hop, you can get served right here from Orlando, FL and it definitely gets Apex Coture's Stamp pf Approval which is a trusted stamp WorldWide. But don't just take our word for it, It's here for the stream and download above. Enjoy


Review By: Antuan "A-Tuan" Wright for Apex Coture Magazine
Instagram @ApexCotureMag

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