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Coture Conversations New Season!

Coture Conversations New Season!
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Friday, November 8, 2013


LADIES there is a new face in R&B and he is not your typical crooner. He has the look, the voice, charater and charisma. But don't let the sexy fool ya. This guy gets straight to the point on all topics like tellin his ex "I'm fuckin yo sister now". Straight like that. No filter. But he gon beat that thang like "He's fresh out the joint" every time he get up in it. You wanna get to know this guy who's a lot more rugged than the eyes can see.

FELLAS don't let the light skin make you think the nigga is super sensative. "If a nigga trippin and he want it, I got it". He's a problem. Ain't nothin worst than a pretty boy that will take yo girl and will beat yo ass if you got plex wth him. You gon wanna kill that nigga but first keep him away from ya chick. It's cool you would want the nigga on ya team so I'm gon direct you.

First installment H.E.R ( Hear everything Right ) is a classic. Download it and soak in it. Joints on there like "Love this Money" make a street nigga turn up to the max and go get it.

Tracks like "My baby" is for the ladies and Gents to enjoy as he boosts his girl's confidence in a theme like manner. "She keep her nails done and her hair did and she ain't scared to mess it up if I want it". Who don't want a girl like her? A girl you would be proud to brag about and she's loyal to only you. Damn that's my baby!!

You also have your celebratory tracks like "Pop Champagne" where he boast's "Let's get fuckin wasted, I been workin baby". You know that feelin you get when you done worked ya ass off in whatever it is you do and reserve the right to let loose and have a blast in your success. "I done made it to this point so I'm gon own it'. I be feelin like that all the time because I truly believe in All work and Play.

On "Right by my side" you would think that he was talkin about his girl but he's "not trippin bout what these hatin niggas say to me" or what these bitches tryna do for me cause as long as I'm stackin bread they gon be here for me long as that paper "Right on my side". I think he got a strong point.

I'm just givin you a walk thru because this has become a classic and a must have. Totally necessary part of my music collection and I'm a musical politician so my word means somethin. Anything I put you up on is gon be THAT and if you happen to disagree, that's what the comment box is for. But before you do that, take this with ya

H.E.R. 2 Download it and see what he's doin on this one. Haven't got into it yet but I hope it's one for my catalog. Maybe YOU can let me know. I do it for you. Get at me.. Antuan

Also watch the video for "My Baby" here

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