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Sunday, September 1, 2013


Whats up Apex Coture dis ya boy D-Rugg dropping some jewels on ya'll with my 1st album review. And since its my first one i gotta do it in style. And up to bat is long time southern C.E.O./artist/producer/Legend founding member of the 3-6 Mafia the one and only Juicy J. Now if you a long time 3-6 fan like i am then you should know what to expect with this Still Trippy album sex, drugs, and violence and he knocks this one out the park. While nobody is ever going to accuse Juicy J of having bars, the album highlights a strong songwriting craft honed over twenty-years of writing stripper and codeine anthems. “Bandz A Make Her Dance” sounds as wickedly fun as when you first heard it and when it’s partnered with druggy party starters like “Bounce It,” “Smokin’, Rollin,” “Wax” and “Stop It,” the effect is enhanced. Still Trippy is a ratchet ass album and you have no choice but to TURN UPPP to this motha fucka. He also giving some lucky hoe a 50,000 scholarship to go to any school of her choice and it bring me to one of the songs on the album "Scholarship". I think this is going to be one of the biggest songs of the year. Every chick that sends a video of herself twerking is going to doing it shaking her ass to this song FUCKING GUENIUS Juicy J PURE FUCKING GUENIUS. Anyway over all i give this album 4 bags of reffa outta 5. (thats how i rate the albums reffa bags somthing like mics from The Source back in the dayz) Stay Trippy is in stores now make sure you go buy a copy it worth the money.
D-Rugg Da Mohawk Don
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