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Sunday, June 24, 2018

Cover Story: Dr. Umar Johnson "Psycho-Academic Holocaust"

There is a crisis in the Black community. There has always been a crisis when it comes to us. The questions are, Do we know it? Are we fully aware? Do we know the depth of the warfare psychologically? Doesn't seem like "yes" would be the answer to those questions for a majority of us.  

But we are having these conversations. These conversations are very loud. They're at the point of screaming until our voices are hoarse. But in the mainstream media, the conversation has died out. It's overshadowed by talks of issues that other so-called "minority groups" face.

So what does this prove to us? I will tell you. There is no savior for people classified as Black. No one will come to your rescue. You have no allies, no friends or protector. YOU have to be this for yourselves. This is an urgent acknowledgment. We have no time.

With this being noted, the mind is where we must start. The minds of our youth are the battleground at this very moment. If YOU, with yo grown ass can work on changing and replacing your thought process then you can compute this very same knowledge into your young ones. I know this is a difficult task since you're most likely set in your ways but do we not care about the future existence of our people? The troglodytes sure do care about theirs.

Here and now we have with us a voice. A voice that has shown its ability to cut through the racial tensions with precision and make itself known as a force. The voice has gotten louder and louder to the point where the world can hear it now. This voice is one of Dr. Umar Johnson.

Chances are that you are very familiar with the man himself and what it is that he does. His name has been ringing bells across the globe consistently for the past few years. With that comes the positive and the negative. Controversy and petty bullshit aiming to discredit the vessel and silence the message. I understand that. But I also understand that this message is far too detrimental to our state of being to allow such to break the vibe.

 I had the chance to sit down with Dr. Umar Johnson in an interview or a conversation where he, of course, laid out his thoughts on a slew of issues that are perilous to the Black community and what are some solutions. Well, starting points for solutions because of where we are psychologically we have to find the starting point. Right now we're all over the place but the potential to get us back to our original state of mind and being is there. 

In this conversation, we are brutally honest and sparing no feelings as our feeling get in the way of real progress due to our loving nature. Get this interview up in your system. Let the contents thereof move through your body like healthy food fixing the ailments of the body.

If you'd like to watch the interview on a much less bias platform and leave comments in conversations with those who look, talk and think like you, Click here

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