Wednesday, November 6, 2013


If you haven't yet inquired about Rasheeda, then yeen lookin for nothin. Not only was her album rockin but the woman has her business on point.

I'm talkin bout and any chick that has the gall to line herself up with this line of clothing and accessories would be doin herself a serious favor.

I mean the lipstick is poppin so vibrant that you would stand out only complimenting what was already established as your sexy. Go head girl we gon fuck with you we know you got it!

The bottoms accent your curves and make it hard for a man not to stare. Trust me I'll be lookin because in that I'm Bossy gear you Hot and will earn a spot in Apex Coture.

Rasheeda baby we Co-Sign the hell out of your line and we just tryna let em know what you've figured out obiously.........

That bein a woman who is Boss, Sexy, Firm in her beliefs, carries her business savvy in an extraordinary manner and can bounce back with positivity from any situation is not a bragging right. It's a PRIVILEGE!!

Written by: Antuan Wright for Apex Coture Magazin-Digital


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