Sunday, September 1, 2013


SPOTLIGHT: APPLE BARBIE! This 26yr old HOTTIE from Charlotte Amalie, United States Virgin Islands and resides in Orlando, FL is ready to take the modeling game by storm with her Unorthodox Out the Box style tatted and thick in the right places she breaks barriers and directs us from the typical stick figured no ass havin scared of tatoos taboo of models from the past and she insists that she is the future and We totally back her up on that notion. She represents the new wave of Super Models breakin down the walls built by mainstream media of how a model is supposed to look because she ain't barrin that shit. At Apex Coture we set standards we don't follow no protocol. She will be exclusively  featured in Apex Cotutre Magazine and you can look her up on FB/AppleBarbie. You know all we do is put you on so don't say we didn't warn you!



Da Truf said...

I am fully aware of who "Apple Barbie" is and I must say that you have a True STALLION in your stable. She is what hardwork and dedication is all about. People new to her make sure that you follow her moves,she's sure to not disappoint!!!! Apple Barbie the world is "YOURS"! Grace us with all your elegance.

Zion Gaspard said...

luks like he sed it jus gona say show em wut u got n I knw ul represent lv yuh

Elleesse Bradford said...

I looovveee this pic

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