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Coture Conversations New Season!

Coture Conversations New Season!
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Monday, August 30, 2021

Coture Conversations: BLK

 Toronto is known for its multiculturalism and having massive talent boasting some of the greatest artists to ever touch the entertainment industry. So, it's not surprising that there would be more greatness to follow the likes of Drake, The Weeknd, Tory Lanez, and more. 

Like the names we mentioned above, BLK (IG) are on their way to stardom, and with the release of their debut EP Girl Magicthey have already raised the stakes. The trio merges together as one effortlessly creating moments in music that are sure to stand the test of time. 

We champion R&B over here. With that, we know authentic contemporary rhythm and blues when we're in the presence thereof. You haven't felt the crazy, sexy, cool vibe since TLC. They've managed to fill a void we thought wouldn't be filled. Big Boss Bexk (IG)LILAC (IG), and Khatalia Korahjay (IG) have so much to contribute to the culture. We're here to assist. 

We sat down with the FWM singers to see what's relevant in their world that they apply to the craft that makes them such an amazing group. The girls were fun to speak with and assured us that we now have another reliable source for good music and great artistry. Watch the conversation below. Like, subscribe, and give this article a share.  

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