Wednesday, December 21, 2016


   We at Apex Coture love to celebrate Black owned businesses especially fashion. In an age where rappers and entertainers make it their business to support and broadcast high end clothing brands that could care less about their black asses wearing them only they love how rappers give them free promo and advertising meanwhile convincing young untrained black minds that spending all of the lil money they have on these white folk shit somehow makes you cooler than the next man/woman.. So we go out our way to make sure that we broadcast the Black owned fashion brands on our platform and we could care less about how them silly niggas feel because we don't need no street cred over here, we're never in the street.

  We stumbled upon Nuwbia Apparel and immediately noticed the quality, symbolism (which is very important) and the dope designs. So we gon let them tall you a bit about their  brand and direct you to their shopping zones.. 


Kashta, Shabaka, Taharqa...Names sound familiar? Well they should. Royalty. Warriors, Builders, Revolutionaries. Dynasty25. You see, the foreigners were on the throne, desecrating all that the original bloodlines had built. And the Kushites... Well they weren't having it.So they decided to take back what was rightfully theirs. No more pretenders on the throne. No more fake rulers.

And it's that same spirit, dedication and love our culture that inspired us to create the NUWBIA DYNASTY25 ART & APPAREL COMPANY. Where our focus is on recapturing this great heritage by bringing positive Nubian/ Egyptian themed art and clothing into a market over saturated with sex, violence and grotesque "skull & bone" imagery.

NUWBIA DESIGNS is an extension of our desire to merge our love of African culture, with our artistic background in sculpture, painting, graffiti and computer illustration and finance to create products that not only look and feel good but educates as well. All the while, playing a small part in helping to eradicate some of the negative images so often portrayed about our great culture in todays society. We would like to thank everyone who has supported us and allowed us to make our dreams a reality. A special thanks to our Master Teacher Paa Nabab Yaanuwn and all our Wu-Nuwaup Yasaru worldwide. Panan Kawan Paa Sadaq. May the ancestars be pleased with our efforts.

Welcome to the dawn of a new dynasty in art and fashion "The World Is Yours... Reclaim It"


Go now to the site and place your orders

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