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Thanks for subscribing to Apex Coture Magazine. We are a variety publication that focuses on Entrepreneurship, Fashion, Beauty, Music, Politics, The latest Gadgets and Cars.

 We are the risk takers and the trendsetting movement for magazines and journalists opening the door for a new wave of publications.

Before you do business with us please search through our site and make sure that you would want your business, services or goods associated with the content of our publication. We will make adjustments to your package but there are NO REFUNDS! 

P.U.S.H. Campaign Tour Sponsor Slots $15

* Your Logo on the back of the Physical cover to be passed out to thousands on the tour with QR Code fans can scan to send them straight to the site
* Your Logo, info and links to your business website and/or social media here in our online publication (Also when they scan QR code it will direct them here)

Sponsor Slot

Apex Coture Power Package Prices

For Models

1. Models on the Rise (Decent Exposure) Package: $175-200
This is a service we provide for aspiring models that don't have the resources to reach a mass amount of viewers be it social media or any other publication. We provide our magazine as a platform for you to gain maximum exposure to the public also our many modeling agencies and modeling managements who will be alerted of your article to view and contact you if indeed they see potential of a star. You must provide and submit your own pics (make sure they are professional) and info about you (bio, links to social media or other sites) to be added to the article for of a write up. Package includes:
* 1 Head Shot
* 2 Personality pics (Preferably full body)
* Write up about you
* Modeling agencies and Management alerted
* Link to your article that you can share via social media

Models On The Rise

2. Glamorous Spotlight Package: $225-250 
This is for the independent model/vixen with a portfolio looking to add more credentials to it through our publication also receiving maximum exposure with modeling agencies and modeling managements alerted but put in contact with you to make you a deal. Package includes:
* 7 professional pics taken by us or submitted by model
* Video, Audio or text interview with write up 
Link to your article that you can share via social media
Modeling agencies and Management alerted
* 2 week advertising slot on main page

Note that she has as many pics as her agency will submit due to contractual obligations with her agency/management.

Glam Pckg


For Businesses, Entrepreneurs, Artists, Barbers/Stylists etc.

Platinum Business Package

3. Platinum Business Package: $200
* Video, Audio or text interview (For businesses such as clothing stores, restaurants, Barber Shops/Salons etc. we do an on spot camera walk through at your location)
* Write up
* 7 pics max (more with some exceptions)
* 2 week advertising slot on main page
Link to your article that you can share via social media

Platinum Business Example in the video below. Also with the option of our gorgeous new female hosts.

4. Advertising Slot Package: $35 Monthly
No Contracts
* Pic/Flyer on main page clickable connected to your Businesses website, FaceBook or Twitter
* Consumers click on the Pic/Flyer and it goes directly to the link you submit to us or the ad article in the magazine that contains your info. 

Ad Slot Example: View site and you will see the ads on the side and bottom. Click on any of them to see how this works.

Ad Slot Package

5. Power Plug Package $45 (Internet Promo deal) Limited Time
* Packages number 6 and 9 combined
* $70 Value for only $45

Power Plug Package

6. Album/Mixtape stream and review: $50
* Your album/mixtape is embedded to stream in the article for viewers to listen and download/purchase
* There will be a professional review (write up) about the music
* Album/Mixtape Front and Back cover in the article

Album/Mixtape Stream and/or Review

7. Audio Plugs $20 
* SoundCloud, Reverbnation etc song embedded in article post with a small write up. (Popular)

Audio Plug

8. Article Package (Write up and pics only) : $40
* 5 pics (Must submit pics)
* Write up

Article Package

9. T.V. Commercial or YouTube video stream: $20
* T.V. Commercial for your business services or goods posted 
(must be uploaded via YouTube or WorldStar to be embedded in our magazine)
* Hip Hop/R&B/POP Music video posts (must be uploaded via YouTube or WorldStar to be embedded in our magazine)

TV/YouTube Post

10. Cover Story : $250- $305 
* $250 Just the cover story
* $305 Cover Story plus 10 physical (cover only) copies shipped to you

Cover Story

11. (New) Wipp Appeal $50-$75 
* $50 Gets you pics of your tricked out Wipp inside and out and a dope write up with your social media links included for people to follow.
* $75 Gets you a video interview where you can show off the details of your Wipp, explain who you are and your inspiration for tricking out cars and pics of your tricked out Wipp inside and out. Also a dope write up with your social media links included for people to follow.

Wipp Appeal Feature
All packages come with Tweet Blasts and social media promo. All pics will be branded with our Logo with the exception of the Models on the Rise Package. We will not take credit for none professional low quality content. We will brand the professional pics that meet our standards with permission in agreement with the photographer if pics are submitted and not taken by us.

All Packages include links to your FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, SoundCloud etc. added to them.

Thanks again and any Questions or inquiries for our services email or call 407-398-2091

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